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When running gets in the way of your social life November 21, 2009

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I feel really bad.
Today was a really good friend of mine’s birthday.
We were supposed to go out to dinner.
I had already planned that I would eat at home, (my pasta) and then meet them for some mingling time.
Well, people were meeting at 830-845 (on a Friday night yes)
I have to wake up at 320 so I can be at the hospital at 4am to warm up and to start running at 415am since we’re doing 18 miles and it’s still hot.
So I called and cancelled. I was honest with M and told her that there was no way I could go tonight and be up by 320 to run 18.
I just feel bad b/c I’m sure she was disappointed in me.
She wouldn’t understand. My non running friends would not understand.
We do sacrifice sleep by waking up at the crack of dawn to avoid the heat. We sacrifice Friday night happy hours or cocktails. Yes we’d rather spend $$ on race entry fees, running clothes, or running trips that are out of town than spending the money on other things. We spend money on PT, doctor’s, accupuncture, chiro, shoes every 3-4 months, etc. We sacrifice our social life. Is it worth it?
I just feel like a bad friend.
I hate feeling so guilty.
I’ll make it up and go see her tomorrow afternoon, but still I feel guilty.

Oh well,
Let’s hope that the 18 miles tomorrow are worth the sacrifice.


4 Responses to “When running gets in the way of your social life”

  1. hogeruns Says:

    Don’t feel guilty, I know it is hard, but your running is putting you first in your life, and you wouldn’t be the awesome Meli-Friend that you are, if you weren’t taking care of you!! I’m sure your friend understands, there are lots of birthdays, but only a limited number of marathons in a lifetime!!

  2. EE Says:

    Hi! Just wanted to pop in. It’s PF. šŸ™‚

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