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Triathlon Training/ can I do this? January 26, 2010

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I want to do a Triathlon this Spring. Actually May 2nd is the one that I am looking at. I am looking at plans/programs and I really need help with the swimming portion. I’d start doing laps in a pool about 2x-3x a week with a coach and once I feel comfortable go to some OW swimming on the weekends. I’m looking at different programs/training programs, but I don’t want to pay $200-$250 for someone to tell me how to run and ride when I’m already doing that on a regular basis.

I mean help me with my swim form, with my technique, my breathing, my style. Help me develop speed in the bike and in the run. Give me a schedule of what to do. Help me with the transitions and give me workout options. Is that too hard to ask for?

So I know that I’m going to be doing Coach Ward’s speed program.

starting on February 9th. So I know that I’ll be doing speedwork every Tuesday morning at the track. at least that’s what the plan/goal is) I am going to the TMH meeting tomorrow night and will join teamhammerheads for $36.00. I hope they can guide me into following the right plan of the tri-world of swimming, biking, and running.

Now TRMH also uses bodyzen but I don’t want to pay money for something on trainingpeaks. I can just go to and buy a book or get my own training. I want physical contact training, not online or via emails…


4 Responses to “Triathlon Training/ can I do this?”

  1. EE Says:

    I’m impressed by people with the guts to do group/individual training. I think I have a very bad residual fear of that from gym class as a kid. You CAN do it, I know — now I’ll just hope you find the right guru to get you through it!

  2. arealityofmyown Says:

    Great decision! I made a similar choice 2 years ago and haven’t looked back since. Finishing your first triathlon is going to be an awesome experience!

    I would suggest picking up a copy of Joe Friel’s “Triathlete’s Training Bible” This is the perfect resource for beginners and it will explain all aspects of training for triathlons.

    You have a good approach to training and I support your decision for physical contact training, which is the best way to stay motivated and get custom feedback.

    Wish you the best of luck. If you need any advice, etc I would be happy to help!

    Aric Monts

  3. Jen Says:

    I think you are going to rock it! I was scared to death of my first tri and look at me, now I’m going to do a half-Ironman! (I must be crazy. LOL.) I think as women, we tend to hit a “wall” when it comes to self-confidence and our “comfort zone”; once we get past that, we are SO empowered. I think that’s what triathlon will do for you. I can’t wait to read more about your training!!! xoxo

  4. lee zohlman Says:

    Hi Mel.
    Good on ya for getting into tri’s. Just a note, BodyZen’s certified coaches do use trainingpeaks to program the workouts but they are custom created by the coaches and not by TP itself. All the coaches put in their own education and experience into the training programs and make it individual for the athlete. We also have four sessions per week as a squad you can train with. We have a track session, two bikes and an open water swim. At the sessions you are given a workout tailor made for your races and ability level.
    Anyway, good luck with all your training and we’ll see you around the tri block.

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