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Naples half done! February 22, 2010

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Well, I did the Naples 1/2 marathon on Sunday, Jan 17th with the best group of supportive and athletic woman!

I have to say it was a tough race. The weather was hot. It was very hot and humid. Disney 1/2 the previous week was very cold, wet, and sleety. This race was hot, humid, and it started at 7am which means that we were running from 7-930ish when the sun was strong and hot.

It had a few in/out loops. I got to see Kitty and Missy speed off once they were going on the opposite loop as I was. Then I got to see Jen, Patti, Michelle, and Kristen, then I saw Jen W and Cristina and her DH then Cristina and I ran together for a good bit.

It was very hot. I know you have to prepare for the worst with this weather, but it was quite hot and humid. There was a lot of fog by 7-8ish and once the fog lifted, the sun was out and it was just hot!

Well, I finished. not a PR but I was happy with my time. I finished in 2:23:53. I’m happy that I finished. I had wanted to PR but considering I had just done Disney a week ago I’m glad that I just finished in a decent time.


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