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NEW PR for 1/2 A1A!!!!!!!!!! February 22, 2010

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Woke up at 310 with the coffee pot already on. Had my cup of coffee and finished packing my bag and got picked up at 345 am. Of course the morning was going too perfect b/c I locked myself out of my apartment!! Thank goodness that my bad and clothes were already on me! Left and met others at 4am. My DBF had given me a huge pep talk on Saturday about PRing and pushing myself, and not walking, and just going and going and I told him to save it for yesterday before the race so I could have those thoughts fresh in my mind.

I decided to join a pace group for the 1/2 of 2:15. We had two pacers and M was running her 166th marathon (she was pacing the full) and V was pacing the 1/2.  M told us at the beginning that we’d be doing mile dedications after crosssing each mile and that was really helpful. Mile 1 we dedicated to this little 6m old girl that is having a very delicate surgery on Thursday and mile 2 I dedicated to my friend J’s mom that’s still in the hospital after having a very strong heart attack and being in a medically induced coma. The route by the beach was beautiful and so breathtaking. We got to see the sunrise right by the ocean and that moment was so priceless. By mile 3 I was so over my IPOD and took it out. I didn’t really want to focus on music but mostly on the conversations, my breathing, the scenery, and my pace.

We dedicated some more miles and then got to this little park that was very narrow but quite nice actually. By mile 5 1/2 I had my Cliff Shot mango that my BF surprised me with and gave it to me that morning since they are now discontinued and I’ve looked everywhere to buy them. Well he had one for me! Mile 6 we dedicated to Baby Rachel and Tricia. M asked me where I knew T from and told her from RW. They said beautiful words and I was hurting some, but they reminded us of all of the dedications we were doing and how when we felt like walking or stopping to think of those that we were dedicating each mile to and not quit. Mile 8 I saw RKF since he had already turned around and he was on his mile 9 or 10. He was so happy to see me keep up with the pacers! Right then the 1/2s split and went on one direction and the fulls went on the other one. V had told me earlier that she could see that I could push it a bit more and she encouraged me to run faster and take off towards the end.

I was hurting a little and wanted to walk but I knew that I couldn’t and instead of thinking of how many miles I had left, I thought of 60 more minutes, 40 more minutes, etc since I knew that I’d be finishing in 2:15

By mile 12, V told me that I should take off that she knew that I could finish faster than my goal of 2:15. So off I went.
I ran mile 12 in 9:16 pace  and right when we had about .2 miles left I saw my RKF and he was so happy and proud of me so I flew and ran the last 0.2 in 8:24 average. I ended up crossing the finish line in 2:13:xx which was a huge PR for me as my bestest time had been 2:19:xx~

As soon I crossed the finish line I had to go into the medical tent and thought of Jen W b/c I felt so nauseous and I thought I was going to throw up all over the place! (I know Jen W had something similar after a 5k or so) I was so embarrassed and stayed there for about 5 minutes, but the uncomfortable feeling went away after sitting down and  catching my breath.

Walked over and saw my BF and  he kissed me, hugged me and told me how proud he was and then saw the rest of my friends and they all congratulated me since this was a huge PR!

I honestly felt that I was on top of the world and that I was flying. When I wanted to quit or walk I thought of the mile dedications, my purple bracelet, you girls, Sher running her 1/2, Patti  and Christina’s PR and how I wanted one, and I told myself in a little while I can stop b/c I’ll have finished! What a great moment! I was on fire and I’m so happy! Now I need to beat my current time and run sub 210 in the near future!


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  1. EE Says:

    I’m so proud, hey hey HEY! Beautiful tribute to T and R. You’re so lovely!

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